Philippines Mission - March 2019

In the Spring of 2019 I was able to teach in Tagalog to an elementary school in Manila. It was my plan to give oral hygiene instruction to small children in the Philippines. I was able to accomplish this by getting in touch with a teacher at an elementary school in manila. She was able to coordinate this event by scheduling an assembly of all the children K-4. In the Philippines oral hygiene is neglected and most children have a high decay rate and experience dental pain and suffering. During this assembly I was able to give a small lecture on how tooth decay occurs and had some of the children volunteer to come up and give answers. We would then award them with small donations given by people here in Honolulu. All the children were so grateful and I feel this is a very positive affect on these children and their families. After the assembly I was able to get all the teachers from this school and give them a 15 minute presentation of oral hygiene and asked them to teach their kids in their classroom. I hope to continue to give service to the Philippines in one way or another in many years to come. I want to thank all those that helped me make with event possible with a special thanks to my friend Jerome Cariaso for setting up this event.