Post surgical care is very important for optimal results

For the next 14 days you should not be committing to anything that will be very strenuous to your body. It is my goal that you have a comfortable experience and the best results possible.

The Night prior to your Surgical Procedure

Eat a nutritious dinner.

Get a good nights rest.

** Prepare yourself for the up coming 21 days. You will be on a softer diet so prepare accordingly. You will also need to stay home and rest for 1 to 3 days. Lots of rest is required immediately after surgery.

The Day of your surgical appointment

Please be 10-15 minutes early. All questions should be answered and informed consents signed prior to the procedure


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You will rinse with Peridex rinse for one minute to decrease the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Local anesthesia will be performed. You will be profoundly numb. However, you may feel pressure. Sharp pain you should not feel. During the procedure you will experience pushing and pulling around your teeth depending on the procedure you are having performed. Once the procedure is completed a gum protective dressing will be placed around the surgical site. It is pink in appearance and should stay on for about one week. However, if it falls off do not try to put in back on.

Prescriptions to pick up: (1) pain control, (2) bacterial control, (3) swelling

Post surgical home care kit: (1) post surgical instructions, (2) sterile gauze


Day 1 to Day 3: REST!

During this time is when the most pain and swelling will occur. There is a range of pain that can occur depending on your pain tolerance and the type of surgical procedure that was performed. It is important to take all of your medications as prescribed.

Mouth rinse reduces plaque and microbes in your mouth so be sure to use it 2times per day for 2 weeks