Day 1 to Day 3: REST!

During this time pain and swelling will occur. The extent of the pain varies from every patient depending on the surgical procedure that was performed. However medications are prescribed to aid with the pain. Patients must take all medications as prescribed.

Mouth rinse used 2 times per day for 2 weeks is also recommended to aid the healing process by reducing plaque and microbes in the mouth.


Day 1 to day 3:

REST. Diet/Nutrition - Consistency of food should be liquid to soft. Temperature: cold to ROOM TEMPERATURE. Examples: smoothies, ice-cream, pudding, apple sauce, protein shakes.

Day 4 to day 14:

LIGHT WORK! At this point in the healing process pain and swelling should be decreasing. Diet/Nutrition - Consistency of food should mushy. Temperature: cold to lukewarm. Examples: mashed potatoes, macaroni, protein shakes, soup, food that does not involve much chewing.

No strenuous exercise for 21 days. This includes: no running, no lifting, no jumping, no swimming. However, light walking after the first week should be fine.

All activities may be performed after the 3rd week.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call/text me at: (808) 728-774

I hope that you have a quick recovery.


Dr. Aaron J. Colby